The working principle, advantages and application of solenoid pump

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2022-06-09 17:27

Solenoid pump (also known as vibrating plunger pump) is a miniature water pump that directly combines electromagnetic power and pump body. The electromagnetic pump does not need a drive shaft. After the power is turned on, the current passes through the coil winding to generate a magnetic force, which pushes the plunger to move and transports the liquid.

Electromagnetic pump is a kind of pump product with outstanding characteristics. It has the characteristics of compact structure, good sealing performance, no leakage, relatively low price, good dynamic adjustment characteristics, small output flow, small volume, and easy to arrange in a narrow space.

Due to the small size of the electromagnetic pump, although it is easy to install, it also determines that its pressure and flow will not be very high.

It is mainly used in beverage brewing machines, steam cleaning machines, tooth irrigators, spray humidifiers, filter boosters, metering pumps, carpet cleaning machines and other occasions that require small flow of clean water.

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