Talking about the development trend of gas regulating valve market

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2022-06-09 17:27

The distribution of the valve market is mainly based on the construction of engineering projects; the largest users of valves are the petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction sector. The petrochemical industry mainly uses API standard gate valves, globe valves and check valves; the power sector mainly uses high-temperature pressure gate valves, globe valves, check valves and safety valves for power stations and low-pressure butterfly valves and gate valves for some water supply and drainage valves; the chemical industry mainly uses Stainless steel gate valve, globe valve, check valve; metallurgical industry mainly adopts low-pressure large-diameter butterfly valve, oxygen globe valve and oxygen ball valve; urban construction department mainly adopts low-pressure valve, such as urban water pipeline mainly adopts large-diameter gate valve, and building apartment construction mainly adopts central line Butterfly valve, city heating mainly adopts metal-sealed butterfly valve; oil pipeline mainly adopts flat gate valve and ball valve; pharmaceutical industry mainly adopts stainless steel ball valve; food industry mainly adopts stainless steel ball valve, etc.

Development of large, small and new series products, such as small valves, large valves and crawler high drive valves; development of variable speed products, such as wetland type, ultra-wetland type, desert type, bush type, high temperature and high pressure type, Low-temperature and low-pressure valves, heavy-duty valves and light-duty valves; develop multi-functional and multi-purpose products, so that one valve can be used for multiple purposes, with high efficiency and energy saving.

Products with better development prospects are: large valves, mechatronics wheel control valves, high-power crawler gate valves, new crawler ball valve series, and small butterfly valves. Hydraulic control valve One valve is multi-purpose. Develop hydraulic control valves with excellent performance, such as hydraulic control valves with large discharge, high sensitivity, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, zero leakage, and high level of integrated technology, electronic computer technology, and monitoring technology. Hydraulic control valve, develop products with good reliability, high safety and good comfort.

The intelligent electric control valve aims at remote control to develop high-performance large-scale control valves to meet the needs of major engineering projects in my country, develop micro-control valves to meet the needs of narrow and small operations such as trenching, burying cables, etc. , Coal, water conservancy, farmland, urban construction and new varieties of control valves; develop intelligent electric control valves that can monitor, control and improve the working conditions of operators for various working conditions of the control valve. Products with development potential are: large and medium-sized intelligent electric control valves, miniature intelligent electric control valves, and remote-controlled intelligent electric control valves. The valve is moving towards generalization. The development of high-level products with high safety, high reliability and good performance, the development of large valves equipped with advanced electronic technology and valve integration, and the development of deformed products are developed in the direction of generalization, standardization and serialization.

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