Global gas control solutions provider

The company's main products are TGV306, TGV307 series thermostatic control valves, TGV725, TGV734 series gas multi-functional combined control valves, TGV508 series gas multi-functional control valves and various gas control accessories.The annual sales of various gas control valves exceed 1 million sets.

      The company has a strong R&D technical team, advanced management concepts and first-class marketing services. It has strong market competitiveness and has won the trust of customers. The company has cooperated with international and domestic first-class domestic gas heating equipment and commercial ovens. The manufacturer of medicines has established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship, and it is the production base of domestic gas control valve products with larger output and more varieties. Tron has become the world's leading OEM supplier of gas control valves.

      The company is equipped with modern manufacturing equipment, advanced production technology and effective control tools. The products have successively passed CE, UL and other safety mark certifications. Products are exported to Europe, America, Russia, the Middle East and other regions, and exports account for more than 50% of the company's total sales.

      After more than a decade of sustainable development, Thron has made significant progress in the domestic gas heating equipment and commercial oven industries. Tron, will advance the development of its gas control systems and components, improve service levels and expand coverage in the global market.


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